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For a while now, I had to find a good remote tracker for my new client. I asked a bit left and right, since I never used one before, except the ones that already existed on the Freelancer platforms I worked.

You have to pay for most of them, this makes sense, but not when you have no idea how many hours / month will this client need you to work. So I needed a free one, for at least the first 2 months.

I stumbled upon the tracker Toptal created, as this one here, is a company we often curate job announcements from.

TopTracker is a free Desktop app compatible with Windows 7+, OS X 10.10+, Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 9+, Ferdora 23+, open SUSE 13.2+.

Why was it built?
‘We built TopTracker to allow everyone—freelancers, managers, and entire teams—to use extremely high quality time tracking software in their daily operations with maximum flexibility. Today, no time tracking software exists that is free, high quality, and flexible; we’re changing that.’

Here’s why it’s cool

  • You can use it with multiple projects / clients and they each get access to your work depending on the role you give them;
  • You can set image blurriness for the desktop screenshots, tracking interval for them, manually accept them – and you get the amount of time you be having the pop-up window for it on your screen, track keyboard hits, mouse hits, take screenshots from multiple monitors;
  • You can make settings for all these above mentioned, in the desktop app and then keep checking your progress on your desktop online dashboard.
  • If you work for one particular job / project / work-day you can pause it as many times as needed by stopping it and then starting it again under the same previously named project. This way you will get a total number of minutes of work and then detailed into the split shifts you did.
  • Yes, the web dashboard gets automatically updated in the minute you stopped the desktop app tracker (including screenshots).
  • The design is user friendly and easy to be understood.

I did not use many other trackers of such kind, but the company website contains a pros & pros table about this particular tracker vs. others.

Finding this app was a great help for me, hope it will also help you when you will need to suddenly use one.

Good luck,


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