Get Your Remote Team Info on Our List

Starting with the next couple of weeks we are going to be curating teams of people who work remotely world wide.

If you know such a good team, or work in one, send us a message via the ‘comments’ section

or our contact details, with the website of the company in question.

We will curate it’s logo and 2-3 information sentences to be added to our list.

We are interested to find teams from all around the world and we would appreciate if you would add you team only if it is fully functional and the website of the company is updated with the complete list of services and preices / if the case.

Thank you for your interest and good luck finding new clients soon.


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6 thoughts on “Get Your Remote Team Info on Our List

    1. Dana on

      if you have an organized team give us your website and we will post it together with other remote teams. If not, just make sure to check up our weekley curated job announcements here or on our social media. Cheers, Dana.

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