A List with Crowdsourced Testing Platforms

For a good while I worked in testing. It all started because, as a newbie in Web Design, I had the need to learn a bit of how users think in order to optimize their experience on the websites I was going to build.

I went about this the unusual way, I’m sure you won’t. I’m sure that if you do read this article, it’s probably because you are an experienced tester looking to make some extra money from app. and Desktop testing, remotely.

And if that is the case (and I hope it is, otherwise you end up wasting your time and their’s – what is not correct and accurate never gets rewarded, you need to be fast and smart on these platforms), here is a list I came up with. I did work in all of these platforms and I am not going to rank them, because each experience level and talent is unique, and so will your chance of good incomes be.

Also, in many bug hunts, there’s an interview happening previously to the actual assignment (ex: Usertesting). The demographics, languages spoken and interests of the tester / user can be only a few of the factors that pay an important role for some apps testing so, IMO, the more platforms you are signed up in, the more chances for taking part in test cases & co.

All these platforms function in a similar way. Testers participate in crowdsourced bug hunts and all these bugs get payed depending on the gravity of the issue discovered. Some platforms have common dashboards for all the users so you can see what they submit and maybe remotely meet them, some are just based on a ‘send bugs-checking process-get feedback’ system and you don’t really know who you are up against, or aware of a platform ranking of the testers. Get you screen recorder ready and get moving, there are many bugs out there to be discovered.

 Global App Testing – provide web and mobile app testing for agile teams;

 U Test – uTest by Applause is the #1 destination for freelance software testing and feedback;

 User Testing – ‘promises to Get all of the value of user research without any of the hassle’;

Bugfinders – ‘BugFinders is a world-leading crowdsourced functional testing company that ensures users of your most critical digital assets get the very best experience first time, second time, every time’.

 Test.io – ‘We help businesses to ship better apps with fewer bugs’;

 Testing Time – TestingTime is a Swiss start-up which procures test users for user and market research;

 WhatUsersDo? – ‘WhatUsersDo is a remote user testing platform. We give you access to a global panel of 30,000 UX testers – real people, from a variety of backgrounds – who will complete any task you set for them’;

 Userfeel – ‘Userfeel Ltd is a UK and Greece based team of professionals with experience on Analytics, Website Optimization, Web Design & Web Development since 2005’;

 UserZoom – The All-in-One UX Research Platform For Your Enterprise;

 Bugcrowd – With a powerful platform and team of experts, Bugcrowd connects organizations to a global crowd of trusted security researchers to identify vulnerabilities—before the bad guys do;

 Usability Hub – Remote user testing to help youmake confident design decisions;

 Testadrome – Easy, smart, and cost-effective mobile user testing;


 Pay4Bug – Pay4Bugs is the original pay per bug software testing marketplace. Our testers seek out and report problems with your software or website before they result in lost sales and customer complaints;

TestBirds – Test websites, apps or Internet of Things applications with the help of innovative technologies.

I am going to add testing platforms as I find new functional ones. You are welcomed to contribute with comments and I will add your suggestion. Remember that if you want to sign up to all these, you will need to give it time and some might never give you tests, but all in all, if you master your job, you can become successful in no time.


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