A Free Zapier E-Guide on Remote Work

While curating new job announcements I stumbled upon this free e-guide Zapier is offering on their website.

The ‘about’ section of the review page explains exactly what, I’m sure, all of us remote workers have

experienced at some point or maybe still do. And things are not getting easier, as employees from big cities / companies or with a great deal of experience, opt for this solution in order to live the life they want to, or, to be able to afford a decent living as the general level of prices rises so quickly.

That means more competitors for the remote jobs, and maybe even better experienced.

So when there are no rules anymore, when the volume of incoming applications for these jobs are hundreds of thousands, what do YOU bring to the table so that you have a chance to be considered for an interview or to get a feedback of any kind? What in your work conduct makes you or your team, stand out and make sure that you get recommended, chosen or re-chosen again and again?

I’m hoping this guide is helpful. You can download it as it follows:

Follow the link to see the Table of Contents of the book and download it. Enjoy and good luck!


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